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  • Forensic EpidemiologyForensic Epidemiology
    Sana Loue

    Forensic Epidemiology focuses specifically on the integration of the principles and methods of epidemiology with law enforcement functions in the administrative and criminal contexts. Ideal for students and professi

  • UnfilteredUnfiltered
    Eric A. Feldman, Dr Ronald Bayer

    "Unfiltered" tells the story of how anti-smoking advocates, public health professionals, bureaucrats, and tobacco corporations have clashed over smoking regulation.

  • Global Health Training in Graduate Medical EducationGlobal Health Training in Graduate Medical Education
    Jack Chase MD Jessica Evert MD Editors

    Global Health Training in Graduate Medical Education is a guide to help medical schools, residency programs, students, residents, fellows, educators and allied health professionals create, expand and improve global health education.

  • The Effective Health Care SupervisorThe Effective Health Care Supervisor
    Charles R. McConnell, Human Resource and Editorial Consultant Ontario New York Charles R McConnell, MBA, CM

    "I have seen numerous texts and this is the best. Students at the grad level and in the field really benefit from it. Thanks for a quality publication.

  • Masterpieces in Health Care LeadershipMasterpieces in Health Care Leadership
    Vincent P. Pelote, Vincent Pelote, MBA, Lynne Route, Mary P. Malone

    Masterpieces in Health Care Leadership: Cases and Analysis for Best Practices is a series of case studies that describes in detail the overview and framework for understanding the role and impact of healthcare leaders, vis-a-vis the …

  • Better But Not WellBetter But Not Well
    Richard G. Frank, Sherry A. Glied

    In Better But Not Well, Richard G. Frank and Sherry A. Glied examine the well-being of people with mental illness in the United States over the past fifty years, addressing issues such as economics, treatment, standards of living, rights, …

  • ReprogeneticsReprogenetics
    Lori P. Knowles, Gregory E. Kaebnick

    Concluding with a cautionary call for increased regulation, Reprogenetics introduces fact, history, and reason into a public discussion of complex and vexing issues.

  • Reconsidering Law and Policy DebatesReconsidering Law and Policy Debates
    John G. Culhane

    This book approaches a variety of social and political issues that have become highly polarized and resistant to compromise by examining them through a population-based public health perspective.

  • Autonomy Informed Consent and Medical LawAutonomy, Informed Consent and Medical Law
    Alasdair Maclean

    Alasdair Maclean analyses the ethical basis for consent to medical treatment, providing both an extensive reconsideration of the ethical issues and a detailed examination of English law.

  • Law and Medicine in Revolutionary AmericaLaw and Medicine in Revolutionary America
    Linda Myrsiades

    This study focuses on two critical figures in late eighteenth-century America—the physician Benjamin Rush and the journalist William Cobbett— as they clashed in one of the most important trials of post-revolutionary America, a libel …